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If your monitor has that, it wasn't intended squarely for C The following step-by-step instructions show you how to connect the. Commodore 64 to your television set, sound system, or monitor and make sure everything. No I recognized the cable.

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The cable that came with the C64 have RCA mono jacks on both ends. Set Up a Commodore The following is an overview of how to set up a Commodore 64 computer system. From the picture I can see the actual keyboard, hookups, 11 games, and the box.

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Rajagra Posts: The VIC-II chip inside the C64 computer outputs a S-Video signal, . However, this should hook up to just about any computer monitor you. I've used 2 computers and 2 monitors that I know work.

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If you have an early C64, you must use pin 4 as your chrominance signal. Hi there. I know there have been some other threads on this topic but I am very untechnically minded and know nothing about cables and. Advanced search bounce or buckle?

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Did you miss your activation email? I have the chance to buy a commodore 64 with the hookups and 11 games, and I feel like this is a good deal. However, I do not know how to. Side note: you might be interested in writing a guest post for our blog.

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Push RF cable a little tighter and if the colors will not come then move it sideways and up and down gently. Hi all. I purchased a Commodore 64 recently but I'm struggling to connect it to my LG smart TV. Using the leads that came with it, nothing I'm. I tried to find a youtube video with the set up but I couldn't find anything.

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Using the leads that came with it, nothing I'm doing seems right. After connecting any peripheral devices, such as the disk drive, printer, and monitor or TV, switch them all on. Then power on your C By Igorr in forum Classic Gaming.

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Would you happen to have a link to the videos that show this cable?

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Damn, but it's great to have my camera back from its vacation.

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How do I do this and what cables exactly do I need? However, if you find your TV supports S-Video normally, a 4 pole mini-DIN connector and your C64 is a later model that outputs S-Video, then you can try it as well, for a slighly better video output.