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What does Harry say when Ron and Hermione kiss in the seventh book when they are fighting Voldemort? Their hands were roaming freely around each others' bodies, and they were both starting to get turned on. They had never had sex before, but Hermione thought. Existing questions.

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Well, it did hurt and was a little messy, but I knew it might happen and talked Ron into doing it again later that night, and we got better. Sorry if this topic is a bit too crass but with Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny getting married both couples obviously had sex and we all know that. The families traded names and addresses and promised to keep in touch.

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There is nothing even overtly sexual in the book. "What does Big Ron have to say about this, hmm?" This time, as Hermione undressed Ron, he didn't have any objections. "Have sex?. Why do ppl keep saying that hermione and ron didnt have sex in the 7th book when they did?

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Plus, this place is full of curses! ***For anyone who has read my other fanfics (Tent Times and The Burrow), please be warned, this one is not near as tame. While I had lots of. Ron: Let's see then.

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Therefore, the baby would be genetically Harry's because his sperm would change back to his once the hour was up. JK Rowling has admitted that she made a mistake by pairing off Hermione Granger with Ron Weasley rather than with Harry Potter in her. He walked in a few steps, but stopped when he heard something

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Ginny grinned and put her arms around Harry, pulling him into her. “Well, Ron does have something of a double standard,” Hermione replied, As horrified as she was to know the details of her brother's sex-life. I'm sure you get the point.

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It wouldn't surprise me if it were them. And about your theory- If Ron and Hermione die, that'd just ruin the book, don't you think? I know Deathly Hollows must have a tragic ending. It feels strange.

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And then first Molly and then Arthur talked to both Bill and Harry.

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I like that you point that out. WARNING! Not suitable for young viewers! Suggests about past male/male relationship and represents a possessive female/male relationship.

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Can I have a plague doctor in my story as a negative character? "You rest. I'm going to find that necklace for you." Hermione had noticed lately that Ron was invigorated by sex, where it left her drained. But I've had a lot more . Hermione: Nothing.


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